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Prospects of Plant-Based Vaccines in Veterinary Medicine

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by Jacqueline MacDonald
July 2018

This book provides an in-depth explanation of the advantages and current limitations of recombinant plant-made vaccines for use in veterinary medicine, including for livestock, pets, and wild animals. Written by top scientists in the field, it discusses the background to and latest scientific advances in plant-made vaccines for the most commonly targeted veterinary infections.
With the recent high-profile research into recombinant plant-made therapeutics for Ebola and Zika viruses, it is likely that the products will be commercialized and widely used in the future. Plant-made therapeutics have a variety of advantages over those made in traditional systems; however, their most fruitful application may be in veterinary medicine, due to less stringent regulations and a greater need for low-cost products.

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RSPCA Pet Guide: Care For Your Guinea Pigs

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May 2015

Published in association with the RSPCA, the UK’s leading animal welfare charity, this practical family guide is full of expert advice on how to choose a guinea pig and how best to look after it.

If you already own or are planning to buy a guinea pig this easy-to-use introductory guide is a must. Clearly illustrated with colour photographs throughout, it covers all aspects of daily care including housing, feeding, hygiene, grooming, exercise and first aid.
Published in association with the experts at the RSPCA, this book will help you ensure that you are giving your guinea pig the best possible care.

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Sheep, Goat, and Cervid Medicine, 3rd Edition

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by David G. Pugh, A. N. Baird, Misty A. Edmondson, Thomas Passler
February 2020

Get practical answers from the only guide on the care of sheep, goats, and cervids! Authoritative yet easy to read, Sheep, Goat and Cervid Medicine, 3rd Edition covers all the latest advances in the field, including diseases and medical treatment, surgery, pain management, theriogenology, and nutrition. Clear instructions and hundreds of full-color photographs guide you step by step through common procedures including restraint for examination, administration of drugs, blood collection, and grooming. New to this edition is coverage of deer and elk medicine, reflecting the growing interest in these ruminants. Written by an expert team led by Dr. D.G. Pugh, this comprehensive reference is ideal for veterinarians and also for owners of sheep and goats.

Clear writing style and consistent organization makes the book easy to understand and use, with disease chapters including pathogenesis, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
Coverage of both surgery and medicine in each body systems chapter makes it easier to choose between treatment options for specific disorders.

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Adjuvant osteoreparator, antiinflamator şi rubefiant

100 g Osteocicatrat Gel conțin:
Extract de Symphytum officinale (tătăneasă) 25 g; Extract de Chelidonium majus (rostopască) 25 g;
Excipienţi (mentol; camfor; natrosol, nipagin, glicerină, propilenglicol, hidroxid de sodiu, apă deionizată) ad 100 g


Tătăneasa, prin componenta sa de bază – alantoina, are proprietăţi cicatrizante, emoliente, antiiritative şi keratolitice. Alantoina este un agent non-toxic, fiind utilizată cu succes în produse dermatologice, cosmetice şi veterinare; stimulează proliferarea celulară şi formarea de ţesut nou, sănătos; are un efect keratolitic pronunţat şi o puternică acţiune emolientă, acţionând ca un agent chimic de îndepărtare a debriurilor celulare necrozate şi de curăţare a locului de aplicare. Efectul alantoinei se manifestă şi la concentraţii scăzute (0,1 – 2 %).
Rostopasca are ca şi componentă de bază chelidonina – un benzofenantridin derivat cu acţiune similară cu cea a morfinei. Are efect sedativ, analgezic, spasmolitic şi citostatic.
Camforul şi mentolul au un efect uşor rubefiant şi de răcorire a zonei de aplicare.
Compoziţia excipientului (baza de gel) asigură o penetrare eficientă a produsului în piele, permiţând manifestarea rapidă a acţiunii acestuia.

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