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BSAVA Manual of Raptors, Pigeons and Waterfowl

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Pages: 360
Edition: 1996
Language: Ebglish
ISBN: 978-0905214293


Most veterinary surgeons will be asked to treat raptors, pigeons or waterfowl during their practice. This manual provides a concise text enabling them to provide the first class treatment that their clients expect.

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An Outline of Swine Diseases: A Handbook

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Ross P. Cowart
    • Paperback: 191 pages
    • Publisher: ; 2 edition (January 28, 2002)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0813828988
    • ISBN-13: 978-0813828985

Editorial Reviews
Reviewer: Clifford Fred Shipley, DVM (University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine)
Description: This new book is an outline of common swine diseases and conditions found here in the United States. It also contains a section on the role of the practitioner in the swine industry and a set of relevant drug usage tables.
Purpose: The purpose is to provide an outline for veterinary students in swine medicine. It also serves the purpose of review for people studying for boards and for non-swine practitioners. These are worthy objectives; most students will benefit from this outline. The objectives are well met.

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Feed efficiency in swine

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Feed efficiency in swinePaperback: 281 pages
Publisher: Wageningen Academic Publishers
The Netherlands, ( 2012)
Language: English
CODE: 011B
Feed efficiency in swine has been prepared as a comprehensive treatise on the current state of our understanding of this topic which is so important to the pork industry. Each chapter is written by international authorities who understand both the science and application of their topic area. The book provides detailed insight into the many factors affecting feed efficiency, ranging from diet processing to herd health, from nutrition to physiology and from day-to-day barn management to the adoption of advanced technologies. The authors explain such practical aspects as the challenge of interpreting feed efficiency information obtained on farm or the role of liquid feeding. The authors also delve into more scientific topics such as amino acid or energy metabolism or animal physiology.

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Nutritional Modelling for Pigs and Poultry

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516phn_oztlBy Nilva K. Sakomura, Rob Gous, Llias Kyriazakis, L. Hauschild
Modelling is a useful tool for decision making in complex agro-industrial scenarios. Containing a selection of the papers presented at the International Symposium of Modelling in Pig and Poultry Production 2013, this book brings together the best and most recent academic work on modelling in the pig and poultry industry, with a particular emphasis on nutrition. It reviews basic modelling concepts, descriptions and applications of production models and new methods and approaches in modelling.

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Handbook of Pig Medicine

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51EWGA8MZ9L._SL500_AA300_by Peter Jackson and Peter Cockcroft
 Pages: 308 pages
Publisher: —
Edition: MAY, 2007
Language: English
ISBN 13: 978-0-7020-2828-1Description

Filling a much needed place in veterinary medicine, Handbook of Pig Medicine provides the knowledge needed to recognize, diagnose, treat and control pig diseases in practice. The book includes high quality illustrations which, where appropriate, complement written descriptions of clinical signs. It deals with medical, surgical and reproductive problems in pigs. Clinical examination of the individual pig and the investigation of herd problems are covered in detail, along with a study on pig population medicine.

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Conserve si alimente uscate

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Ce trebuie facut?
– sa punem un strat subtire de apa la suprafata conservelor incepute pentru a preveni uscarea sau oxidarea lor
– treceti alimentele uscate intr-un recipient inchis ermetic pentru a le pastra calitatea.

Ce nu trebuie facut?
– sa pastrati alimentele semiumede incepute.
– sa umpleti pre mult castronul cainelui dumneavoastra cu alimente umede; efectul de suprafata va duce la oxidarea  si deshidratarea lor

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Agresivitatea canina

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aggressive-german-shepherd-dog-136224589-1Motivele agresivitatii unui caine  sunt multiple.  Un caine poate deveni agresiv pentru a-si mentine autoritatea asupra altui caine, sau ca sa-si apere teritoriul, sau reactionand la o amenintare, atunci cand ii este frica.

Ce trebuie facut:
– sa ramaneti la o distanta considerabila de cainele care va ameninta: asta in cazul in care se multumeste sa-si arate coltii fara sa dea impresia ca se napusteste.
– sa stati cu fata la el fara sa fiti amenintator, dar nu priviti cainele in ochi.

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zoooEste o boala comuna omului cat si animalului

Ce trebuie facut:
– sa vaccinati in mod regulat cainele impotriva a cel putin doua maladii transmisibile la om si la copil/: turbarea si leptospiroza, numita si “tifosul canin”.
– sa va educati copilul la o minima igiena cu cainii necunoscuti
– evitati sa mancati in timp ce va jucati cu animalul
– deparazitati intern si extern animalele la intervale de timp de 2-3 luni.

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