Protejarea animalelor pe timp geros

Asigurarea unui adăpost corespunzător pentru animale, care să poată oferi protecţie faţă de acţiunea directă a frigului şi zăpezii; . »

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Pe vremuri, animalele conversau cu oamenii, acum tac, convinse de inutilitatea oricarui dialog. . »

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Mineral Nutrition of Livestock, 4th Edition

by Neville F. Suttle
September 2010

The fourth edition of this important book covers the advances in livestock mineral nutrition, updated with more illustrations and additional material on the relationship between livestock and man. Recent developments are discussed, such as increasing the ‘mineral value’ of feeds by the use of additives and enhancing mineral availability through the use of organic sources of trace elements. The concept of the ‘mineral footprint’ of livestock production is introduced and methods of mineral feeding that lower environmental pollution are presented. Opportunities and problems in manipulating the mineral content of livestock to improve the mineral status of consumers are also addressed. The book is an essential resource for researchers and students in animal nutrition, agriculture and veterinary medicine, and a useful reference for those concerned with human nutrition and environmental protection.

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Nutritional Management of Equine Diseases and Special Cases

by Bryan M. Waldridge
January 2017

Nutritional Management of Equine Diseases and Special Cases offers a concise, easy-to-comprehend text for equine veterinarians with questions about commonly encountered nutritional problems.

Assists veterinarians in supporting equine patients with special nutritional needs
Focuses on nutritional problems and impact on different body systems
Covers ponies, miniature horses, draft horses, donkeys, and mules
Offers complete coverage of common diseases and problems helped by nutrition
Includes useful chapters on poisonous plants and mycotoxins

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Hrana potrivita pentru caini si pisici

Prin hrana animalele isi asigura un aport de substante nutritive si energie necesare mentinerii unei vieti sanatoase si asigurarii reproducerii speciei. De asemenea, hranirea animalelor de companie trebuie sa ofere placere atat animalului cat si proprietarului. Aceste deziderate se pot obtine numai daca se recurge la o hrana potrivita, deci o hrana pe care animalul sa o consume cu placere si care totodata sa-i asigure o dieta echilibrata. Una din preocuparile majore ale proprietarilor de animale de companie este aceea de a avea un animal sanatos, astfel prima lor grija este aceea de a le asigura hrana potrivita.

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Normele de aminoacizi esentiali pentru pasari

 Substantele hranitoare din nutreturi, pe seama carora pasarile isi acopera necesarul de energie (grasimi, hidrati de carbon si altele) se pot inlocui reciproc. In aceasta actiune, un loc deosebit il ocupa proteinele care nu pot fi inlocuite in procesul de hranire, cu nici un fel de substante nutritive. Proteinele din furaje sunt necesare pentru formarea albuminei organismului, deoarece ele stau la baza vietii si fara acestea nu este posibila obtinerea productiei de carne, oua etc.

La baza proteinelor stau aminoacizii, care indeplinesc in organism rolul de substante active in mentinerea starii fiziologice normale si a productivitatii iar absenta lor partiala sau totala din hrana duce la scaderea productiei si imbolnavirea pasarilor. Problema necesarului de proteine la pasari este complicata, deoarece aici nu este vorba numai de cantitate, ci si de compozitia lor, adica de continutul in aminoacizi, in special aminoacizi esentiali.

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Feed efficiency in swine

Feed efficiency in swinePaperback: 281 pages
Publisher: Wageningen Academic Publishers
The Netherlands, ( 2012)
Language: English
CODE: 011B
Feed efficiency in swine has been prepared as a comprehensive treatise on the current state of our understanding of this topic which is so important to the pork industry. Each chapter is written by international authorities who understand both the science and application of their topic area. The book provides detailed insight into the many factors affecting feed efficiency, ranging from diet processing to herd health, from nutrition to physiology and from day-to-day barn management to the adoption of advanced technologies. The authors explain such practical aspects as the challenge of interpreting feed efficiency information obtained on farm or the role of liquid feeding. The authors also delve into more scientific topics such as amino acid or energy metabolism or animal physiology.

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Nutritional Modelling for Pigs and Poultry

516phn_oztlBy Nilva K. Sakomura, Rob Gous, Llias Kyriazakis, L. Hauschild
Modelling is a useful tool for decision making in complex agro-industrial scenarios. Containing a selection of the papers presented at the International Symposium of Modelling in Pig and Poultry Production 2013, this book brings together the best and most recent academic work on modelling in the pig and poultry industry, with a particular emphasis on nutrition. It reviews basic modelling concepts, descriptions and applications of production models and new methods and approaches in modelling.

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Guide To Starting A Goat Dairy

Pages from Starting_a_Goat_Dairy-2by Carol Delaney

Carol Delaney’s “Guide to Starting a Commercial Goat Dairy” is a great book, and a must read for anyone considering starting their own goat dairy, or who would like ideas for improving profitability.  While other books focus on the care and feeding of a dairy goat, this one focuses on making sure that the goat producer does what it takes to take care of him or herself as a business person.

Carol draws on over ten years of experience as the Vermont small ruminant diary specialist.  It’s obvious that she’s had plenty of experience with prospective goat owners when she reminds readers to “Start Slow and Dip Your Toe in the Sea of Goats.”  Most of us would rather buy the goat and learn along the way, but trust me, that way lies madness.  Instead follow the more deliberate path outlined by Carol.  Once you know the commitment working with dairy goats requires, check with everyone close to you who will be involved or affected by the business, and use the business planning resources she shares to make sure you’re headed down a path that works for you.

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