Protejarea animalelor pe timp geros

Asigurarea unui adăpost corespunzător pentru animale, care să poată oferi protecţie faţă de acţiunea directă a frigului şi zăpezii; . »

Josh Billings

Cainele este singura fiinta de pe Pamant care isi iubeste stapanul mai mult decat pe el insusi. . »

Vasile Ghica .....

Prin domesticire, vigoarea oricarui animal se degradeaza. . »

Valeriu Butulescu ....

Pe vremuri, animalele conversau cu oamenii, acum tac, convinse de inutilitatea oricarui dialog. . »

Vasile Ghica ....

Cainele, singura vietuitoare care a dus la perfectiune vocatia prieteniei. . »


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Veterinary Microbiology: Bacterial and Fungal Agents of Animal Disease

th_sUXOTTynU81MvPGpycfRpUjdwsKhcSOEVeterinary Microbiology: Bacterial and Fungal Agents of Animal Disease
English | 1 edition | 2004 | ISBN: 0721687172 | 448 pages | EPUB | 26 MB

Containing the latest information on pathogenesis and diagnosis, Veterinary Microbiology addresses both specific, defined problems, as well as trends in host/parasite interaction. This book is a complete reference on microbial biology, diseases, diagnosis, prevention, and control. It also provides a foundation of knowledge on pathogens and how they interact with hosts.

Contains a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of bacterial and fungal agents that cause animal disease, including recently identified organisms as well as the pathogenesis of emerging diseases.
Features more than 100 full-color illustrations to visually reinforce key concepts.

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Wolbachia: A Bug’s Life in Another Bug (Issues in Infectious Diseases) (repost)

14 Wolbachia A Bug's Life in Another BugWolbachia: A Bug’s Life in Another Bug (Issues in Infectious Diseases)
S. Karger AG (Switzerland) | 2007-06-30 | ISBN: 3805581807 | 150 pages | PDF | 5,2 MB

Wolbachia are Gram-negative bacteria that form intracellular inherited infections in many invertebrates. They are extremely common, with 20 75% of all insects being infected. Moreover, they infect numerous noninsect invertebrates including nematodes, mites and spiders.

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Desk Encyclopedia Animal and Bacterial Virology

11 Desk Encyclopedia Animal and Bacterial Virology

Desk Encyclopedia Animal and Bacterial Virology by Brian W.J. Mahy, Marc H.V. van Regenmortel
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0123751446 | 646 pages | PDF | 16 MB

This volume contains 81 chapters that relate to veterinary and bacterial virology. The first section describes general features of farm and other animals of agricultural importance. The following three sections detail other animal viruses, avian viruses, and viruses affecting aquatic species such as fish and crustaceans. The Section five deals with viruses which infect bacteria.

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