Safe Handling and Restraint of Animals: A Comprehensive Guide

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by Stella J. Chapman
August 2017

Provides all you need to know about the safe and humane handling and restraint of animals.

Safe Handling and Restraint of Animals takes a holistic approach to the handling of a wide variety of animal species. This comprehensive resource offers a thorough overview of how to safely handle and restrain a number of commonly encountered species including dogs, cats, small mammals, exotic pets, horses and farm animals. Each chapter discusses the behaviour of the species and then outlines the appropriate handling and restraint methods, including any equipment required, multiple explanatory photographs, and useful further reading.

Covers a wide range of species commonly encountered by veterinary staff and those working within animal industries
Includes key points and self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter, and a glossary of terms
Ideal for students of any animal-related degree or diploma programme, including veterinary medicine, veterinary nursing, and animal studies and husbandry
Written for students and professionals who work with animals, Safe Handling and Restraint of Animals: A Comprehensive Guide encompasses all aspects of handling and physical restraint, including biosecurity and welfare issues.

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